The professional examination of real estate brokers took place on 8 November 2012. Only brokers who have been active on the property market for at least two years can take the exam. Kristiina Laas, Karin Soome, Jüri Preobrazenski and Margot-Helena Kasari from our company took the exam. They all passed and are now the proud holders of professional certificates.

We asked them to share their thoughts about the exam.

“You passed the professional examination of real estate brokers with flying colours last November and are now officially certified real estate brokers. What does it mean to you? Was the exam difficult?”

Margot-Helena Kasari: “There will be no direct changes in my job – I will still be serving clients and communicating with them like before. I believe that the title of a professional real estate broker may make me more trustworthy in the eyes of clients and give them confidence that I know what I’m doing. My existing clients already know what I can do, so I don’t think this will really change their mind about me.


I have to admit that the exam was difficult and I was not sure I’d passed when I left the classroom. On the other hand, many questions concerned things that I have already encountered in my work. From a personal point of view, I’m very happy that I took this step and that I can now call myself a professional real estate broker.”

Kristiina Laas: “I hope that the professional certificate increases the confidence of clients that they have found the right broker, that the broker is competent, knows their job and the market well, and is also aware of the relevant legislation. For me, it is more than just passing the exam – I hope that it shows people how committed I am to this profession.
The questions in the exam covered many important topics: legislation, terminology, the real estate market in Estonia, analysis of the real estate market, broker and the job of a broker, business ethics, taxation systems, economic knowledge, property valuation, financing and insurance, construction, plans, environmental protection, customer service, sales techniques, advertising strategies, and a problem we had to solve – seems simple. However,I have to admit that the problem was rather complicated. Everyone taking the exam would have

left with a professional certificate if the exam had been easy.”


Karin Soome replied: “For me being a certified estate agent means first and foremost that I’ve been recognised by the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Brokers as being able to do my job in the best way possible. I’ve always thought I’ve been providing top-quality services to my clients and that I’ve been on top of all the latest developments in real estate, but in going through the exam materials I gained a lot of extra knowledge which will prove really useful in my work from here on in. I’m meticulous in what I do, so passing the exam was like dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s. But for my clients it’s undoubtedly a sign of quality: their estate agent knows what they’re doing and can be relied upon whatever the real estate issue.”


Jüri Preobrazenski replied: “Passing my professional exam was more a case of proving something to myself. To be honest, ordinary Estonian clients can’t tell the difference between certified and uncertified estate agents. I can’t really see that having the certificate will affect my work all that much any time soon. In the long run it might, but that will depend on the state and legislation.”